The Art of Loving Yourself

Proper Attention

Taking care of yourself and being cautious towards your own wishes and desires is something we often forget, but if we all paid more attention to how we’re feeling, we’d be calmer and at peace with ourselves. Making yourself happy is, luckily, a simple process – all you need is an hour or two a day to what you want. If you’re lacking ideas how to do so, here are a few suggestions that might point you in the right direction.

Proper massage

Getting a massage by a professional is one of the best feelings in the world and something you should definitely do at least once a month. This is also an extremely effective way to relax and heal your body, mind and soul at the same time, but you can never know how truly amazing it feels until you’ve done.

There are lots of styles of massages you can explore – Thai and Balinese massages are quite popular in Southeast Asia, for instance, but you can also try deep tissue and relaxation massage as well. Keep in mind that this idea has a therapeutic effect on your body, too, so give it a try.

Proper skincare

Unlike women, this is something men usually don’t take seriously and are often uninterested in maintaining skin and hair, but it’s still one of the ways to show your body respect. Investing in proper skincare and grooming doesn’t have to be too expensive nor too extravagant, so start with just a couple of reliable products and see how they work for you.

After you’ve noticed their positive effect on your face, hands, forehead and beard, you can continue exploring more options and expand your skincare and grooming techniques. In just a couple of weeks, you’ll look much younger and feel much better.

Proper food

Your body really is a temple and should be treated like one. Eating junk food and relying on poor dietary choices is definitely the worst idea in the world and a sure path towards diabetes, obesity, cardiac arrest and other serious life-threatening illnesses.

If you, however, choose a different path and pack your diet with seafood, things are going to change for the better. Tracking down a place that offers proper seafood isn’t easy, but you’ll definitely be able to find your favorite seafood restaurant in Sydney – or, for that matter, in any other town! Good seafood is hard to find, so once you’ve located a great place, visit it as frequently as possible.

Proper flaws

Embracing other people’s flaws is quite easy because you love them for who they are and wouldn’t dare to change even the smallest thing about them. Nevertheless, have you tried doing the same thing with your own self for a change? We all have flaws, and that’s only natural, but what isn’t is beating yourself up over them – you should either accept yourself the way you are or try to work things out any way you can.

Accepting your imperfections and weaknesses is the only way to true happiness and the minute you do so, you’ll feel better – even when you look in the mirror and see that you’ve gained or lost weight, grew a funny beard or have been sporting an unbecoming hairdo. You’ll see that these are the things that make the real you and welcoming them into your life again is going to help you overcome your insecurities and doubts.

Proper time off

Everyone needs some alone time every once in a while, regardless of their sex, age and relationship status. From single people ready to mingle to those who are married and with children, we could all benefit from a little time off now and then – but not too much, though, or we’ll turn into a bunch of loners.

This is a moment for you to collect your thoughts, make plans for the future, do something you normally don’t have time for or simply relax and take a nap. Ultimately, this alone time will make you more relaxed and you’ll be ready to get back to your daily lives stronger and happier than you’ve been before, so find time for yourself and give yourself the attention you truly deserve.

After all, no matter how effective and positive these methods are, they aren’t the only ways to show yourself some respect and care. Some of the other things you might want to consider doing include spending more time with your friends, going to places you’ve never been to before, picking up interesting and exciting hobbies, drinking more water and eating more healthy food, as well as coming to terms with the dreams and plans you had back in the day, but haven’t had the time for them yet. Trust us, nothing’s perfect and you can’t realize all your potentials at the same time, so relax and give yourself a break.

Peter is a health writer at Essential Men's Clinic blog. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

How to Be a Happier Man

Be Happy

Happiness is the ultimate thing we all strive for. However, we always want something that we don’t or can’t have, and that is why being happy in the moment is of crucial importance. They say that happiness lies in the little things, and we gladly indulge in all the things that make us happier for at least a day. And that’s not bad – in the breaks of pursuing the ultimate happiness, regardless of what it is, we should try to make ourselves as happy as we can. Take a look at these tips on how to be (at least a bit) happier.

Pamper yourself

One of the examples of instant happiness is pampering yourself. That means finding something you like that makes you feel relaxed or happy, and going for it. No matter if it’s reading a good book, going to the movies or watching TV while drinking a glass of expensive wine – just forget about the work-related things you should be doing, and do something for yourself instead. Another good option is booking a M2M Massage Melbourne. You can choose among Remedial Massage Melbourne, Relaxation Massage Melbourne or Deep Tissue Massage Melbourne, and you will definitely feel better afterwards. Being selfish from time to time is not a bad thing – you should always come first and do the things that you feel like doing.

Have more sex

Having sex once a week makes a person happier than having sex once a month. According to a study, the more sex a couple has over the course of six months, the stronger their relationship is six months later. That means that sex doesn’t only make us happier in the actual moment of performing it, nor the day after, but it can be a source of happiness in the months to come, as well. Saying that sex makes us feel good is stating the obvious, but we’re somehow unaware of the long-term benefits of having it regularly. The research team that conducted the study cited above said: “Sex seems not only beneficial because of its physiological or hedonic effects, but because it promotes a stronger and more positive connection with the partner.”


Nothing can make us more self-satisfied than seeing that our body is becoming more and more fit and that our figure is getting better than ever. And it would be quite difficult to achieve this without some exercise. That is why you should get a gym membership or buy appropriate fitness equipment for a home gym and start working those muscles. However, you need to know that this happiness will not come all of a sudden – starting to work out can be daunting at first, and you might encounter certain moments of laziness, but once you see the results, you will definitely feel way happier. Be devoted and hard-working – that is the main key to achieving this.


Not only is traveling good because it broadens our horizons and we learn more about a certain culture and people, it’s very beneficial for our well-being as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business trip, a holiday with your family or friends, or simply a weekend getaway – traveling provides us with many new experiences and memories that we will cherish, self-confidence, and most importantly, a break from our daily routine that we need, oh, so very much. This also results in a detox from all the social media, you learn to appreciate your home and it will definitely give you a break from your job. In order to have a unique experience that will make you even happier and more satisfied, you can try to browse the most unusual places to see which will not break the bank, and see things that not many people from your vicinity have.

Leave work at work

It’s easier said than done, but according to Harvard Business Review, not thinking about work after the workday ends is crucial for your mental well-being and the relationship with the members of your family. The most important thing is that you really decide to do this, and decide not to answer any work-related phones (unless your office is in flames, of course). Another, simpler, way that you could do this is by introducing the “Amish Hour”. This means that you should stay away from your phone, or any other electronic appliance or gadget for at least an hour, and enjoy the small things life has to offer – such as books, communicating with your friends or taking a walk in nature. Nature can really do wonders for your happiness so the next time you have a weekend off, make sure to hit the nearest mountain and spend as much time as you can there.

Happiness lies in the small things. At least, that is the happiness that we can easily have if only we realized what the things that make us happy were. Think only about yourself from time to time; give yourself whatever you want – shop, go out, drink. As we already said, being a bit selfish is not that bad.

Peter is a health writer at Essential Men's Clinic blog. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips