Freelance therapeutic M2M men's massage

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Therapeutic men's massage services of outstanding quality to the metropolitan areas of Australia’s five leading cities Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. 

My life as a freelance massage therapist has been a healing and cathartic journey. Discovering massage therapy helped me to truly understand freedom, and isn’t that what life’s all about? I started my freelance journey as a male massage therapist a few years ago, and I have never looked back. The possibilities are near endless. I have the freedom to work anywhere, providing I'm prepared to carry some oils and a table LOL. For me, this is the ideal career because I love to travel, and I'm not confined to one location. I don't have to relegate myself to working in health clinics or spas. There are a lot of people out there who are happy to hire a masseur independently. 

When it comes to the massage therapy industry, I have learned some important and valuable lessons over the last few years. The most important being customer service. From the very moment a client books an appointment with me up until I've completed the massage, I give the ultimate customer experience that encourages all my clients to want to return and pass the word along.

Flexibility is imperative even more so for freelance massage therapists. As a freelancer, I'm providing the convenience for my customers to receive a relaxing massage from the comfort of their home, hotel or workplace. I also provide therapeutic men's massage services from Australia’s premier 4 and 5-star hotels when I travel. I bring my massage table, oils, towels and soothing touch. My clients can schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for them and receive my services accordingly. 

Providing the ultimate customer experience to my clients has ultimately resulted in a positive reputation about my men's massage services. Through flexibility, convenience, organisation, punctuality, and providing the ultimate experience, my massage business has flourished. The better prepared I am to give my clients the quality customer service they deserve; the better it is for my men's massage business. I  put my best foot forward on a daily basis, and I have happy customers with repeat business and referrals. 

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Men's sensual massage



M2M Men's Sensual Massage

There’s a lot of confusion and stigma surrounding male to male (M2M) sensual massage and bodywork, not least because of the blurred lines created as a result of the fact that it involves naked people. Folks seem to think that nakedness equates to sexy-times, and get a little jumpy around sensual massage, convinced that there’s something sexual going on. At the same time, the confusion doesn't help by the fact that some people providing actual sex services advertise them under the guise of massage to fly under the radar, while others practice legitimate sensual massage and male clients can sometimes have difficulty distinguishing the difference between sensual and therapeutic.

Men's sensual massage is an extraordinary discovery of escapism, for others, it can be a place to release the tension of a hectic life, or it can simply be about male to male bonding and identity exploration.

That being said, all male massage therapists providing men's sensual massage services will have their personal interpretation of what a sensual massage should include. Sensual massage can mean a lot of different things to different people. To me, men's sensual massage should be given with a genuine sense of care and intimacy. It’s a physical and emotional experience that focuses more on the full body, whereas therapeutic massage partitions the body into good and bad zones. Sensual massage celebrates the whole body and provides men with a nonjudgmental and open environment. Sensual massage enables both the body and mind to relax in a way that regular therapeutic massage does not.

The sensual massage treatment can be given firmly to work the muscles or gently to promote relaxation or a combination of both. It should be relaxing and include gentle touch all over the body, building stimulation slowly and causing the client’s mind to relax.

Photography Credits: Artistic Male Nude Photography by Dylan Rosser