Self-Care and Health: How to Take Time to Pamper Yourself (and Why You Need to)

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Self-Care and Health: How to Take Time to Pamper Yourself (and Why You Need to)

Recent trends show that, thankfully, men are willing to pamper themselves more than ever. The beauty industry is looking at an impressive influx of male clientele, and it seems that now when gender playing fields are becoming more and more even, men are discovering new and exciting ways to feel better.

After all, the relentless whirlwind of jumbled activities, work, and social media practically force us into a corner, so taking time to pamper yourself becomes the simplest and wisest solution to stay on the bandwagon. Read on to find some great ideas for taking the time to rejuvenate your body and mind, and why it’s important.

Enjoy a massage

It’s highly recommended to take up regular exercise if you plan to stay on top of your game, both physically and mentally. However, it also stands true that exercise, combined with chronic stress, can lead to cramped muscles, stiffness, and even issues with posture.

This is why every wise man who works diligently on improving his lifestyle should combine scheduled workouts with regular massage therapy. It’s not only an enjoyable way to treat yourself, but it also reduces stress significantly and improves circulation through your worked-out muscles.

Even though your entire body will relax, massage therapy naturally promotes muscle growth and lymph drainage, which results in effective detoxification. Speaking of detox, you can also always take the initiative and embrace habits that will prompt you to lead a more natural life, which brings us to the next point.

Brave your own frontier

Sometimes, the kind of pampering you need will be away from civilization and formal services. The scientific community has proven many times over that spending time in nature does wonders for your immune system. Your body will not only be stronger for it, but your mind will also get the healing, rebalancing break it needs.

You might not consider yourself an outdoorsy type, but you never know until you’ve given it a proper try. You can go on a meditation-spree through easygoing hikes and enjoy the outdoors. You can arm yourself with equipment and go on a mountaineering escapade. Kayaking, camping, wildlife-spotting – there’s an endless list of activities to choose from and enjoy the adventurous thrill that the wilderness offers.

Spa-yourself out

Treat yourself with, at the very least, two full-on spa days a month. Work out your busy schedule and dedicate an entire day to your rejuvenation in all imaginable ways. It is fairly easy these days to find the nearest spa that is renowned for its services, and take a whole package.

Granted, this package will usually include a massage as its centrepiece, but you have to look at the big picture: spa days are brimming with incredible opportunities that can de-stress you, improve your mood, and rejuvenate your skin.

The massages are usually combined with a relaxing sauna session that will force you to sweat all the toxins out of your system. You can get a face mask, which will exfoliate your skin, and go for a manicure/pedicure treatment for the full pampering experience.

Buy yourself a present

All the other suggestions we’re listing in this article are based around experiences, but every once in awhile, it’s nice to give yourself a material gift.

Shopping is a lot more satisfying when you do it mindfully and intentionally, and it can be especially fun as part of an entire day dedicated to self-care. You don’t need to have a special occasion for this – say “I deserve this” and get yourself a present “just because.” Whether it’s something modest like a book or toys to spice up your sex life, be creative and treat yourself with something that gives you joy. Celebrate yourself!

Try your hand at cooking

Cooking a fine meal can be an art form. Countless men around the world have always been captivated by this exceptional skill, and some cultures – like Italian – are known for promoting cooking among boys and girls equally.

If you’ve never really prepared anything more complicated than eggs or noodles, have no fear. You can always start with the basics and work your way from there. After all, if so many people became good cooks through sheer practice, why shouldn’t you?

There is something truly calming and meditative about busying your hands with preparing a tasty meal and having a clear goal (and reward) at the end of the process. Grocery-shopping, cutting up the ingredients, and creating a perfect balance of spices is a wonderful endeavour with countless possibilities.

Plus, since you’re the chef of the house, you can always prepare the healthiest possible meal that agrees with your dietary needs.

A happier, more relaxed version of you comes with multiple benefits. You will beam with confidence and contentment, becoming a more pleasant company to yourself and to those around you.

A Stressed Man's Guide to Chilling Out


Man's Guide to Chilling Out

The way we live today can take a toll on us mentally because it’s all about earning money and working a lot to support ourselves (and our family). There are many bills, duties, obligations and it all leaves us feeling anxious, and the worst thing is that we have little time to just relax and enjoy ourselves, spend time with our family members and friends and do something fun with them or alone. All of us feel under pressure from time to time, but everyone handles it differently. Some people don’t do anything so the intensity just keeps piling up on them. If you still haven’t found a way to chill out, read these several tips on how you can do so. It will help you get rid of the stress and anxiety!

Essential oils and scented candles

Go for some of the most calming essential oils for men and see which one suits you the best. For example, try lavender, rose, vetiver, bergamot, Roman chamomile, neroli, frankincense, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, orange or orange blossom or geranium. This can also help you improve your sleep.

Indulge in massage therapy

Did you know that regular massage can help with anxiety and stress relief? Now that you are familiar with this information, you just have to find the right one for you. From relaxation massage Melbourne to deep tissue massage Melbourne, there’s no doubt it’s gonna be beneficial for you. Your whole body will feel relaxed and it also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Sports and all kinds of activities

Sports and exercise can help us with a lot of things- looking good, feeling great and they prevent illnesses and serious conditions like depression, making us more immune and stronger. The more active you are, the better results you can expect. It’s perfect if you get to combine this with hanging out with friends, for instance, playing tennis together or doing some other activities. This way, you get to both honor your body and enjoy doing something fun with people you care about, which is also good for relieving stress.

Simple but effective Zen

You can start practicing yoga and Pilates because they are extremely relaxing. With yoga, you can challenge your body and you also work on your mental discipline. If you don’t feel like trying any of these two things, just find a place that calms you down and makes you feel good and peaceful. You can even rent shisha in Sydney, if you come from this city. It’s very soothing and an increasing number of people are using it.

Write down your feelings

Have a notebook for this only and just grab a pen and start writing down everything you feel, because it can be very constructive. You can either record what you're stressed about or turn to a different approach – jot down what you're grateful for. If you do both, it’s even better! You can first face with the negative thoughts then change your focus and delight in the positive ones.

Laugh a lot

There are so many ways you can do it. Watch a comedy or maybe read some jokes. Call a funny friend of yours who always says things that make you laugh and feel great. Try to write something funny yourself. Whatever you do, know that laughter improves your immune system and mood.

Get a pet

Interaction with our pets helps release oxytocin, a brain chemical that promotes a positive mood. If you have a pet, spend more time with it. If you don’t, get one. You can get a dog because they are creatures that always love us unconditionally no matter what and the only thing they care about is making us happy.

Stop procrastinating

If you want to reduce stress, staying on top of your priorities and avoiding procrastination can be of great help. When we leave our obligations for later, we feel stressed because we know there’s something we have to finish. We can’t completely relax and forget about it because it’s always lingering somewhere in our brain, an even subconsciously, it can really bother us.

No matter how busy you are, in order to stay healthy and in good mental condition, you need to find time to do things that you find pleasant. If you like something from this article, do it and just chill for a bit. Your obligations won’t go anywhere, but having fun is very beneficial for our well-being.

Peter is a health writer at Essential Men's Clinic blog. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.