The power of human touch!

The Power of Human Touch | Men's Massage Melbourne

I have always enjoyed travelling, working with the public and having experience with different cultures and people. I find the human aspect of my job very rewarding. The more I know my clients, the better I can help. It's so pleasing to be able to benefit and enable research, not only in my hometown of Melbourne but around Australia. My massage BLOG is designed to raise public awareness of the benefits of therapeutic massage and encourage Australian men to seek massage therapy for pain management, stress relief and general health.

Massage is one of the oldest methods of healing and dates back almost 4000 years. Whether it’s at a sports medicine clinic, spa retreat or an alternative health resort, more men are turning to massage for healing purposes. So what is it about the human touch of hands that makes this ancient remedy so astonishing? Never underestimate the power of human touch! Research has shown that even just a 30 min therapeutic massage can lighten your stress levels and boost your immune system, making you feel happier and calmer.

Men today are paying much more attention to both their mental health and physical health. There’s a lot of stress that men carry. Guys who have regular therapeutic massages experience less stress, lower blood pressure, and avoid injuries. 

So, if you want to de-stress, get more sleep, and live a healthier lifestyle, then men's massage at Elite Male Massage is the perfect way to restore balance to your life. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals for a more active, less stressful and pain-free lifestyle.