Men's Massage Melbourne - Tattoos and Body Art


Two things that I truly love in this life are Tattoos and Massage. Let me tell you; I could not be happier about holistic bodywork and body adornment. Both these things bring me great pleasure and joy!

I have been a massage therapist since 2012, but I grew up doing massage swaps with my family. I would take any opportunity to receive a massage as a child. Just like a dog wagging his/her tail when they receive a pat on the top of their head, a belly rub, or a scratch behind the ear. For me, the human touch always feels amazing!

Having tattoos has not affected my job or career as a massage therapist. I get to see some incredible works of art tattooed on bodies cross my massage table. Having several tattoos myself I seem to attract people who are fascinated and drawn to other people with tattoos. 

I’m getting tattoo number seven! Yep! The wait is over! I’m so excited to finally be getting the Rose & Dagger tattoo I've been dreaming about for so long! The Rose & Dagger tattoo can symbolise the division of human life. The rose stands for friendship, vitality, beauty and love. Whereas the dagger signifies deceitfulness or insidiousness, betrayal, destruction and death. To convey this meaning, I have included a vine of roses curled around the blade of the dagger, illustrating that the two can coexist in harmony.

My favourite tattoo artist in the whole wide world will be permanently inking me again. I already have two beautiful pieces by Mase. This super talented man works with a team of tattoo artists at the Eternal Instinct Tattoo Studio. A master of his craft with over ten years of experience, Mase specialises in just about anything and everything.

New tattoos involve compromised skin. This an obvious contraindication for massage. In other words don’t get a massage after a tattoo procedure as it will be harmful. After the initial tenderness subsides, I usually experience intense itching for a few days. Another contraindication for massage which can make itching worse by drawing blood to an area. The safest course in this situation is to wait for any pain and itching to resolve before doing massage in a zone with a new tattoo.

My tattoo is on an area on my arm that I don't use for massage. Lucky for me, I can keep working after the procedure. I just need to avoid the sun, soaking, stretches and sweat to allow it to heal correctly. Remember always keep your tattoo moist by gently and frequently rubbing it with an ointment such as Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream, and then with an unscented lotion to promote speedy healing.