Relax and Enjoy, it's Your Turn!


Relax and Enjoy, it's Your Turn!!

Hey, Fellas! I'm back from my holidays now and booking in all my men's massage appointments. My birthday holiday was fabulous! Thank you to all of you who have asked. I am now recharged and looking forward to getting back to work and seeing you all! Relax and Enjoy, it's Your Turn!!

First time to Hawaii, here to celebrate my 39th Birthday with the honeymooners and SHARKS! People in Hawaii have great ways to celebrate their birthdays. Apparently, it’s not your birthday it’s your birthday month. Why not!  

So, for my birthday I wanted to swim with sharks. Being the fun third wheel I am the honeymooners happily jumped on board! LOL!!! We decided to learn how to go swimming with sharks safely with One Ocean Diving. They are a great program for inspiring shark and marine conservation. Located on the North Shore which is also legendary for its perfect winter waves and professional surf competitions. 

My experience of swimming freely with sharks was so empowering, exciting, and unique. I will never forget it! Thank you for inspiring the world to better appreciate and understand our marine species and environment, specifically through your work in shark conservation.