Men’s Guide to De-Stressing

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Recharging your batteries

There are many drawbacks of the 21st century, but by far one of the biggest threats to our physical and mental health is definitely stress. We live in a world that is so fast that minutes turn to hours, and we find ourselves in an enormous lack of time. These seemingly small things can cause our body and mind to become tired, we start stressing out, thinking about all the negative things that come to our mind and eventually, looking in the mirror and wishing we had done something differently. Cleansing both of those (body and mind), relaxing and de-stressing are of utmost importance nowadays. And if you don’t know how to cut the cord that’s tying you to stress, take a look at these tips:

Get a men's massage Melbourne

Perhaps one of the most efficient ways is a massage. Even though you will spend an hour getting massaged, you will definitely feel its advantages for a longer period of time. It is very important to give this to yourself as a reward after a stressful week at work. It might seem as a big expense if you’re getting a massage every Friday for example, but the benefits of it are numerous. First of all, your body will be extremely grateful to you, and aside from that, you will mentally feel much more relieved. So if you have the option of booking a men's massage Melbourne as soon as possible, and of course you do, you should definitely do it. It’s worth every penny.

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Stay in top shape

If the nature of your job is dull and monotonous, and if it doesn’t involve much activity, then it is said that you need to take on a hobby that’s quite the opposite. So if the stress you’re under is a result of an inactive job, get ready for breaking some sweat. This doesn’t strictly have to be hitting the gym two to three times a week, as there are other, much more interesting options. One such is, for example, taking MMA training sessions – these are very active, they will help you get rid of all the negativity that’s slowly accumulating in your body, and finally, they are so much fun. If you think it’s just not your cup of tea or you’re not comfortable with it, going running every other morning or evening might be a good plan B.

Pack your bags

If your budget allows you, and of course if you can easily get some time off work, de-stressing yourself in one of the amazing places the world has to offer sounds like an excellent plan. Doesn’t relaxing on a beach or skiing in the Alps in Europe sound like perfect de-stressing activities? However, if you’re not in the position for something like that, packing your bags for a weekend getaway will also do the trick. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a couple of hours away from your work – just find a place that’s quiet, peaceful and picturesque, and indulge yourself into that.

Relax with yoga

The stunning Janelle Monae once wrote a song with the lyrics “come on baby do the yoga”, and that is definitely what you should do if you’re unwilling to do all the other options (or simply love this way of life and this philosophy). Like it or not, and believing in it or not, yoga can tremendously help you in clearing your mind and cleansing it from negative emotions. If you’re a fan of that peaceful way of life, feng shui and monks of Nepal and India, then yoga is surely the de-stressing activity for you. You can always take a trial class somewhere near you and see how you like it. Even if you find it unappealing, you will feel unburdened afterwards.

Turn off your phone

Perhaps one of the most ridiculous pieces of advice, but definitely an effective one, is to turn off your mobile phone for a weekend. Forget about your work and all the responsibilities that are waiting for you the following Monday. The world will not fall apart, and you will not die a horrible death. Turn off your mobile phone and just forget about your responsibilities and other people. Surround yourself with people you love and feel positive about, and let that be enough for you that weekend.

Recharging your batteries once in a while is not only highly advisable, it’s extremely important. Just choose one of these options above and you’ll feel better in no time – and that’s guaranteed.

Peter is a health writer at Essential Men's Clinic blog. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.