5 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Partner

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5 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Partner

The gift-giving season ain’t over yet! Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas have passed, but in less than a month, we’ll be celebrating the most romantic holiday of all – Valentine’s Day. You will probably be getting your partner something very nice and romantic, or something that he has wanted to get for a very long time. It’s very important to gift your partner with something that he’s unlikely to forget, and if you don’t know what that might be, take a look at our choices. We present you the five best gifts for every guy out there, so make sure to choose one from the list:

A men’s relaxation session

Stop and think for a moment. Does your man work so hard that you rarely get to see him or he’s always tired? Since Aussies indeed work a lot, and if the answer is yes, then you should choose a gift that will make him relaxed and help him get the stress out of his body. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to get him a men’s massage gift voucher that he will use whenever he wants to. Opting for a voucher is a great option as he will use it the exact moment that he needs it, and boy, will he be thankful for this gift. We all need a massage from time to time, and honestly, it’s one of the best and most thoughtful gifts of all. Choose any type of massage your guy wants – relaxation, deep tissue, or even a mobile one.

Men’s grooming essentials

If the guy you’re about to surprise is a beardsman, then he will definitely appreciate this kind of gift – and not only for VD. It’s very important to take care of his beard, and if he’s rocking one, owning a beard grooming kit is definitely a must. Make sure that you choose a beard kit that contains all the essentials – a beard oil, a bottle of beard shampoo, and a wooden beard comb (yes, the wooden ones are the best). What you can also do is do research and see what the best beard products out there are, or simply go with his favorite one.

Wine and dine him

If you really want to be old school, then the best men’s gift ever would be to take your loved one to a dinner and a glass of wine. Now, the options are endless, so how can you choose one that’s the most romantic and most interesting? Bear in mind that you can combine this with a very nice road trip or a weekend getaway if you please. Taking your car and driving to New South Wales for the weekend might be an excellent option, especially because you can book a table for two at the great Milton NSW restaurant which is a great option for Valentine’s Day. This way, you will kill two birds with one stone – do a road trip and enjoy a completely romantic dinner for two.

The classic man

Fashion is not only booked for girls, as there are guys out there who pay special attention to the way they look and the clothes that they wear. If he’s one of those guys, then getting him a very nice and fashionable item seems like an excellent idea. And is there anything better to gift than a nice watch? Make sure to know his style though, as you can choose between elegant and sporty ones, depending on what he actually likes. There is a wide range of watches out there, and you don’t have to break the bank to get him one that’s also top-notch quality and beautiful.

Men’s underwear time

The last option would be something that you can also use for Valentine’s Day, or actually enjoy the gift yourself. Choosing a couple of pairs of men’s underwear to give to your partner might be an excellent option. Firstly, they always forget to buy themselves underwear, and we’re always in constant need of a new pair. Moreover, it’s a good idea because you will get to ask him to see if the men’s underwear you purchased is of good size, so there’s something for your eyes as well!

Hopefully, you’ll find the most appropriate gift for your guy, one that will make him extremely happy. After all, this holiday is not about materialistic things, it’s about the love that you both share – so the most important tip – shower your partner with lots and lots of love!

Peter is a health writer at Essential Men's Clinic blog. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

The Underwear Diaries: Underwear Do’s and Don’ts


Let’s discuss for a minute the least popular clothing item of all time; the one that’s always forgotten or taken for granted – the almighty underwear. One might think that there are no things that they can learn about underwear in general, and this is where that person would be wrong. Underwear is also a quite important item of clothing, and buying it should really be a thoughtful process. Do you know what kind of underwear you need to buy? What are the do’s and the don’ts? Finally, do you know when the right time is for wearing a certain type of underwear? Stick with us to find out the answers to these questions and also see what the most popular types of underwear are.

The simplest rule

One of the most important do’s of wearing underwear is that you always throw the old ones out. Remember that your old underwear is not a sentimental item, so getting yourself a new pair of underwear from time to time is the best possible way to take care of not only your underwear drawer but also your hygiene. Every couple of months take a peek at your underwear drawer and throw away all the pairs that are not presentable – basically, all those that you would be embarrassed to be seen in. However, since we tend to forget to buy underwear as we don’t think it’s that necessary, it would be very good to link this habit to one you already have. For example, you could link underwear with your haircut, so every time you get a haircut, go and buy yourself a new pair of underwear.

The boxers vs. briefs debate

There’s a debate that divides people more than the ever-popular debate on whether you should be a democrat or a republican. Namely, there are two types of people in the world – those who prefer wearing boxers and those who prefer wearing briefs. There are no actual pros and cons to wearing either of these, but there is a slight difference. Wearing boxers will give you more space and breathing room, while briefs give you more support but lower fertility. This is why you should stick to boxers and make sure to use good ones as well. Australians have been known to produce good underwear, so we should completely trust companies from this country. This is why wearing the Australian Boody men’s boxers, for example, is an excellent idea. In the same manner, if you have no intention of becoming a father, or you don’t enjoy wearing boxers at all, you should also stick to good and high-quality pairs of briefs.

The three wheres: Where to wear your underwear

Another very important question is what kind of underwear you should be wearing where. For example, the jockstrap has become a very popular item in a wardrobe of many men, but it’s not for everyday use. Even though this type of underwear was firstly invented as a sporting solution for bicycle jockeys, it is nowadays used in certain sports as support, but also in many bedrooms around the world. So this is the type of underwear you want if you’re looking to spice up your sex life. However, it’s still not the type of underwear one should wear on certain important events. What’s also important is to pay attention to the type of events you’re going, as you cannot wear whatever you please. For example, if you’re going for a men’s massage, make sure not to wear your expensive underwear unless you want it to become oil stained and ruined. One great option that you can always wear is the wonderjock – this was first invented by the company aussieBum (another proof we should have faith in Aussie underwear companies) and it has been providing men with great comfort, style and even support ever since. Finally, if you’re the type of person who enjoys wearing thongs, pay attention to where you’re going as moving a lot can cause great discomfort.

The importance of materials

The fabric is always important when fashion is concerned. However, bear in mind that the material of your underwear is far more important than the material of your t-shirt, for example, so pay extra attention next time you’re buying a new pair of underwear. Make sure to go for cotton and breathable materials, as you don’t want to get all stinky down there. You can also opt for more elegant materials such as silk (even though this is not the most popular material for men’s underwear), but you can save them for special occasions.

So yes, even though you find it ridiculous and unimportant, learning a bit more about underwear is a good thing, wouldn’t you agree? Now you know which mistakes you shouldn’t be making, what you need to pay attention to in certain situations, and perhaps even figured out what the perfect type of underwear for you is!

Peter is a health writer at Essential Men's Clinic blog. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.