Massage therapy for men by men




Although male massage therapists are often stereotyped as being a sexual threat, today’s massage clientele are moving away from old stereotypes. Male massage therapists are more accepted in the massage industry today. While first-timers might shy away from male therapists, men who receive regular massage treatments focus more on the quality of the massage than the gender of the massage therapist. The most cited reason men prefer a male massage therapist these days is because men are generally stronger and deliver a much firmer massage. But what matters most in a massage is healing, whether they are female or male massage therapists. Healing benefits for massage can range from, fatigue, sleeping disorders, lower back pain, injuries, high blood pressure, diabetes, age-related disorders and depression. Massage also helps the body to heal itself naturally.

If you’ve been nervous about getting a man-to-man massage (M2M) you might be surprised at how masculine the massage experience can be. Unfortunately, male massage therapists often have to deal with the fears of male clients. Some concerns men have about male therapists come from the sensual nature of the massage and homophobia. In some cases, heterosexual men seem to prefer female therapists for different reasons. Some don’t want another man massaging their bodies, because it brings up uncomfortable associations with being gay. Then there is a more awkward reason for heterosexual men preferring a male massage therapist. For heterosexual men, having a guy give the massage treatment may reduce the odds of becoming aroused.

If you are a gay or heterosexual male thinking about booking a massage treatment with a male massage therapist, don’t let stereotypes dishearten you from being treated, take a closer look at what massage therapy can offer. When you’re booking a massage treatment with a male massage therapist you want to make sure your expectations are clear, and I for one, expect a professional and therapeutic massage experience. So if you want to relax, feel safe and experience a soothing male touch, book a massage with Oscar, at Elite Male Massage.

Elite Male Massage offers a complete health and wellness experience to address all of your physical needs and concerns including relief from deep rooted stress, tension discomfort and muscular issues.