5 Fun Summer Activities for Aussies

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Even though winter is knocking at the door at other parts of the world, now it’s summertime in Australia. And since this is a land of so many hidden treasures, some of them simply have to be experienced during summertime. So, if you’re an Aussie or you are simply there for vacation (which is always a great option!), there is a plethora of things that you have to try out. Unless you already have a bucket list of the things you want to experience this summer in the Land Down Under, we give you the five most interesting ones – so grab your necessities and jump on this bandwagon!

1. Start the summer with a nice massage

Is there a better way to start the summer than by getting the best possible massage out there? Even though you should definitely include a nice massage in your health routine and go for one from time to time, this is something that we forget to gift ourselves – so, this might be the perfect time. Find the best place that gives massages (if you’re a guy then you should definitely consider a male massage) and start your summer by relaxing all the muscles in your body because you definitely need it. Starting fresh will make your summer much more memorable, especially because you will be up for every challenge that you come across (you might even want to try new things as a good massage can certainly improve your mood).

2. Discover what Western Australia has to offer

You cannot call yourself an Aussie if you haven’t had a road trip to the South West of Western Australia at least once. Similarly, if you’re just visiting Australia, then it should definitely be on your list, as it’s one of the most exciting things that you can do here. In order to make the most of the road trip, the best option would be to start from Perth and make your way up to Margaret River. In order to fully experience this amazing place, you should explore the amazing nature of this region and later enjoy yourself in a brewery in Margaret River. This way, you will explore this magnificent town in the best way possible and discover some of the best craft beers Australia has to offer.

3. Anyone up for swimming with dolphins?

There is something that you’re not able to do at other parts of the world but is simply a must in Australia. It starts with the word “swimming” and ends with the word “dolphin”. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, even though it was difficult - swimming with dolphins! This once-in-a-lifetime experience doesn’t cost a lot, meaning that it’s worth every penny. The best place to try this out is Rockingham (45 minutes south from Perth), and the fare is just a bit above $200. However, if you want something more commercial, you can always choose the Sea World on the Gold Coast, which is also excellent if you have children. Namely, they offer a dolphin family adventure program that costs around $650 for the whole group.

4. See the Great Barrier Reef while it still exists

A sad fact: it is believed that the Great Barrier Reef will disappear in the next couple of decades, so it would be best to experience this magical place before that happens. And once you’re there, you definitely have to go snorkeling, as this is an activity that many locals and tourists simply love. Even though this is not really an affordable adventure, especially if more of you are up for it, this is something that you might not do again, so opting for this experience is investing in good memories.

5. See a show at the Opera House

If you’re in Sydney, then the Opera House is definitely a landmark that you want to check out. Sure, you can take a walk around it or sit down in one of the many restaurants that overlook this building, but why not actually see a show there? If your budget allows you to, you can even opt for spending your New Year’s Eve here – it includes accommodation for three nights and tickets to a show. Definitely worth it!

There are so many other things that we would love to list here, but then this article would be at least a hundred pages long. So, make sure to check out these five items first, and then you can move on to the next adventures!

Peter is a health writer at Essential Men's Clinic blog. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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