Sports Massage Melbourne



Benefits of sports massage for active men

We all experience stress, and it comes from many areas of life. We live in a world where the pace of living is 24/7.  As human beings, our inability to switch off and relax is either caused by society, internal stress and anxieties or those placed upon us by a hectic work schedule or by all of these things. 

Not that long ago, therapeutic massage wasn’t all that popular among men. These days men are paying much more attention to both their mental and physical health and realising the benefits and taking advantage of regular massage sessions. Whether you are dealing with a sports injury, have general soreness from being active or you are carrying a lot of stress, a therapeutic massage can help heal your mind and body. 

At Elite Male massage we treat all kinds of people from busy and stressed city workers, Olympic athletes, triathletes and runners. Our focus is pain relief, deep tissue massage and stress management. So if you have muscular soreness and stiffness, or any muscular injury or ache then, we can help.

Don't be fooled by its name 'Sports Massage', it's not just for athletes! Everyone should consider having a regular sports massage to maintain a healthy and active body. It is great not only for athletic sports people but also benefits people who do little or no exercise at all but are feeling tightness from everyday life stresses. A sports massage can help ease unwanted stress, help lower blood pressure, and help you avoid injury.

Health fund rebates do apply if you are covered for “Remedial Massage.”