Massage Across Southeast Asia

"There is no denying that the spa and wellness industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. A skilled person can expect a lot of work opportunities in this sector."

Having followed my dreams and turned my passion into a profession, I get to explore some incredible places. I have to pinch myself sometimes and remember that my hard work is finally paying off. Currently, I'm the number one massage business in Melbourne according to TripAdvisor. It’s not always what it’s cracked up to be! Massaging requires continuous physical effort daily and hourly. You have to work hard and not get tired, be able to handle many customers at a stretch without compromising quality. I’m blessed to have a job I genuinely love and allows me to travel to so many of my dream spots around the world. I can’t always sleep in and read by the beach when it’s a work trip because I have too many obligations, including covering all my travel expenses from hotels, flights, food, and transfers. 

I decided to head towards Southeast Asia and visit both Thailand and Bali. I’ve heard they are fantastic holiday destinations to spoil yourself, and it’s still cheaper compared to the rest of the world. The first thing I think of when it comes to Southeast Asia is the picturesque beaches where you can relax and get massages all day long. The great news is that both Thailand and Bali have excellent massage treatments and beaches galore! I LOVE massages so much! Every time I receive a remarkable massage, it's like a mini vacation where I'm so calm and in a state of great comfort without a care in the world, even if it is just for an hour. The plan is simple. I only want six things; spend time planning the launch of my men's essential oils collection, spoil myself daily, sit on a beach, eat Balinese and Thai food, get to know the culture as much as I can, and immerse myself in photography. 

Famous Island Massage Styles

After a little homework, I found a few places that specialised in Thai and Balinese Massage. My main priority was to visit a few resorts and spas so I could try different massage treatments by different therapists. If you are new to massages or tend to be thrown off by confusing names on spa menus, here are three popular options to consider: Balinese Massage, Thai Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. If you’re getting a massage to overcome stress, choose a Balinese Massage, If you want to relax and loosen up muscles, Thai Massage is the one for you, and If you have a sports injury and don’t mind your massage a little rough, the Deep Tissue Massage is your best bet. 

Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage is a vigorous massage with firm pressure focused on relaxing the muscle tissue, making it useful on achy joints and strained muscles. It also combines acupressure and gentle stretching to help restore the flow of energy throughout the body. Unlike Swedish or Relaxation Massage, Balinese Massage strokes are performed very slow and very deep with essential oils. The benefits of a Balinese Massage are: Relieves stress, Alleviates sore or tight muscles, Increases blood and lymphatic circulation, and Helps with sports injuries. 

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is one of my favourite therapeutic massage styles. It's a stimulating massage that works your full body. It combines finger and palm pressure with plenty of stretches to release tension. You will experience awkward body positions, BUT once the massage is over, you will feel extremely comfortable. Unlike most massages, it does not require you to undress, as long as you are wearing loose-fitting clothing. If you prefer to stay grease-free, you are in luck because massage oil is not used. The benefits of Thai Massage are: Relieves stress, Soothes muscle aches, Eases tension, Enhances flexibility and Circulation.


Do you want to go beyond just relaxation, Then you need to try Oscar Calvo's Deep Tissue Massage at Elite Male Massage. This firm massage gets right into knots and problem areas of muscles using slow strokes and deep pressure. Deep Tissue Massage is an excellent massage for active individuals. It helps to release and remove built-up toxins from the body. It's also the perfect massage for recovery from injuries. The benefits of Deep Tissue Massage are: Reduces chronic pain, Increased flexibility and range of motion (ROM), Breaks down scar tissue and adhesions, Improved posture and physical performance, Rehabilitates injured muscles, Improves blood pressure, Boosts mood and relaxation, and Reduces stress levels.

'Everyone was incredibly friendly day after day in Bali and Thailand. What an unforgettable trip, both incredible and magical countries, and I can't wait to visit you again and again!"

5 Great Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

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Gifts for Him 

It doesn’t have to be his birthday party, Valentine’s Day or Christmas to shower your boyfriend with gifts. After all, you’ll want the same from him. However, you should know that it’s not only the physical presents that can make him happy, showing that you care in certain ways can also do the trick – and sometimes, it can turn out to be even better than getting him an expensive gift. If you’ve always wanted to surprise your boyfriend with an interesting and unique present, take a look at the list below and find the choice that best suits your guy’s personality.

1. Gift him a men's massage

One of the best ways to surprise your boyfriend if he’s the hard-working kind is by giving him something that he would rarely do for himself, but you know he needs it very much. One such thing is a massage, so getting him a men’s massage gift voucher might just do the trick. Spending an hour or so on the massage table getting his muscles rebooted might be exactly the thing he needs after a long week of work. Moreover, that could also mean he’ll be fresh and ready for plenty of nasty things afterwards, so you could kill two birds with one stone by getting him this. Also, if you want to get a massage yourself, you can always opt for couple’s massages – they are extremely popular, very helpful and not to mention very sexy.

2. Organize a dinner party

Perhaps one of the most interesting and overall easy gifts is to organize a dinner party just for him. You can choose to do this in so many ways – one such could be a formal dinner party at home just for the two of you, amidst plenty of scented candles and romantic atmosphere. In order to do this the right way, you can cook something he really likes, and make him unforgettable cocktails. For the latter, you have to make sure to get the best drinks there are, and let us tell you a secret – if you’re from Sydney, hitting a liquor store in Chinatown will do the trick as you can find literally all sorts of drinks there for excellent prices. Finally, you can also put on something very sexy that could get the atmosphere fired up and maybe get you very happy afterwards.

3. Take him on a romantic getaway

If your budget allows you (and you shouldn’t try to save on the person you love), booking a weekend away at an exotic or distant destination just for the two of you is one of the most romantic gifts ever. However, you can do this on a budget as well. For example, choosing to take him to a cabin in the woods can be an excellent choice. This is a good choice for all the seasons, so the weather won’t really affect you that much – each season brings something different to the game. If, however, you have the ability to go big, then choose an exotic or distant country for 5-7 days and explore the world together.

4. Get him tickets to a game or concert

If he’s been talking about an upcoming game or a concert that he would really love to attend, this is your chance to shine. Browse online and try to find the best tickets for the event he’s interested in, and, regardless of your wish to be there, go with him. This way, you’ll show him how carefully you’ve been listening to him and wanting to be a part of his world. If it’s a concert of an artist you both love, even better. That way, you’ll get to see someone you love performing live as well.

5. Organize a treasure hunt

For all the guys who love board games, mystery quests and such, organizing a treasure hunt is the perfect option. It’s not very common that a person would organize such a thing for their boyfriend, mostly because it takes a lot of time and hard work. It also involves talking to other people who would also play a part in the game, but if you really love your boyfriend and you know how much he would enjoy this, go ahead. This is something that cannot be bought, and these gifts are always the best.

Each one of these gifts is perfect; you just have to make sure it’s perfect for your loved one and his personality. If he’s tired and sporty – go with the massage. For the romantic ones, go with the dinner party or romantic getaway, and finally, if he’s into Star Wars, games and science fiction, then the treasure hunt is the right choice for you. Good luck!

Peter is a health writer at Essential Men's Clinic blog. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.